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Crossfit Gym

Barcelona 2018


Mariana Castel


Crewfit asociados

We got the assignment to create a Crossfit gym in an old glass factory. The place was initially great, and with a very suggestive industrial look. The commercial premise is 450m2 and has a height of almost 5m, a perfect space for a gym. The main idea is to keep the grandiosity, but at the same time, be able to accommodate the needed services: reception, bathrooms and waiting-area.

We were amazed by the initial look, so decided to turn this to the design guideline. The project defines a 2,5m height plinth all around the gym, which will be the “intervention area”, leaving the upper parts naked.

The project groups the changing rooms and bathrooms in a big box, also 2,5m height. This box allows us keeping the grandiosity, and at the same time, separate the entrance form the training room. The materials are also rough, basically rubber floor and OSB boards in the walls. This time, orange color was the winner, and we used it to connect the design by painting the service box and the old steel structures of the glass factory.

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