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Mauve Generation


Urban space Competition

1st PRIZE 2017

Plaça de les Dones del 36

Gràcia, Barcelona

Setmana de l'Arquitectura


This is our proposal for a local public-space contest, promoted by the City of Barcelona. The work here, was to design a landscaping project for a blind party wall in a square in Gràcia neighborhood, Barcelona. The square is named Plaça de les Dones del 36, a tribute to women who fought on the Spanish Civil War against fascism. The title of our proposal is “Generació Malva”, Mauve Generation:

- Mauve Genaration, all them represent it, as well as we do. A green colonization, harmonic, winding and comforting transmitting femininity to the square. An elegant and energic femininity that embraces the citizens with open arms. Invites children to climb to its curves and the mothers, to lay out in the sun on spring days, those where the square will enjoy a mauve bloom. The vertical structure are two curved lines replicated, connecting the earth and the sky. Between the curves, a steel turnbuckles, fitting the foliage. These historic threads, invites the public to rise the head to look up, and offer a new vision of the square-

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