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De Dalt House

Llegada escalera
Vista Salón
Zona descanso
Vista Salón
Vista hacia cocina
caja escalera abierta
falso techo ocultando viga
Armarios empotrados
Rincón de costura
Columnas de cocina
Columnas de cocina
Detalle lámparas
Detalle falso techo
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House renovation

La Roca del Vallès, 2020

Project by Arquivistes


Marianna Castel

The assignment was to renovate a part of a family house in La Roca del Vallès. The building is a 1970’s single family town-house in an old town street of the village. The project includes the renovation of the entrance and the first floor only. In the original state, this first floor is completely divided whit thin and think walls, getting an old-fashioned layout. We propose to demolish all the interior walls to open up the layout, connecting the living room with the eat-in kitchen. The result is a connection between the front and back façade, bringing all the possible light to the interior. A lot of the original elements have been kept, like the wooden doors, the kitchen cabinets or the stair railing.

With these partial actions, we have delivered a really shiny and comfortable home, with a stunning “before and after”.  

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