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Pujades Apartment

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Arquivistes C.Pujades
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Estado actual
Final obra

Apartment renovation

C. Pujades, Poblenou

Barcelona, 2018


Mariana Castel

This compact apartment is located on an early XX century building. We had the chance to work out with the exceptional details of the time. Hydraulic mosaic tiles, vaulted ceilings and original brick walls, were the initial outfit of this flat. The project changes the layout, moving the kitchen in order to place it closer to the living room and being able to have an open-plan layout. 

The night area, has two bedrooms and a bathroom. The new layout co-exists with the ancient one, still present through the mosaic floors.

The interior doors and windows were restored and place it back to the flat. The result is a 100% Barcelonan style flat.

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